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LEARNING MOMENTS: Public Sector Entrepreneurship


Public Sector Entrepreneurship. This topic is/has been one of my favorite career-long priorities and principles everyday…. EVERYDAY!  So, when I decided to start our new year 2022 with a discussion surrounding this professional issue, the concepts… thoughts… history… and passion came out very easily.

Of course INNOVATION is the foundation of successful Public Sector Entrepreneurship.  So I hope my LEARNING MOMENTS explanation in this months podcast helpS everyone involved in any form of public service to give and take credit for every special creative action facilitated in your workplace.


Patience and waiting for the right moment are NOT strong personality traits among those considered INNOVATORS.  In most instances there is a drive…a need to get the new concept out there for trial and error to determine if the creative idea/project/service is as useful and implementation-worthy as dreamed by the INNOVATOR!

However, in the world of real time one must accept the reality that most co-workers and colleagues can NOT read the INNOVATORS mind…and most have NOT gone through the same development thought processes to motivate the creation of the new idea/concept.  Hence the result is a collaborative “air” of reluctance to move everyone/everything forward and at the same time a sense of professional deflation within the INNOVATOR.

This week’s TRIPLE III TIME advice:  Step back and “Let It Come To You”.  If it sounds like I have personal and professional experience in this area…I HAVE!  As an INNOVATOR and having had the opportunity to interact with other INNOVATORS…the “Let It Come To You” strategy has many appropriate alternate progress benefits as you still maintain your new idea energy!  Think about these options:

  1. Use your INNOVATOR moments to “touch” and build on other existing project/service areas with a continuous improvement mindset.
  2. Continue to “feed” pieces of your new idea/concept with others in your organization…but not your whole innovation.
  3. Openly discuss the need for project/service improvement in your innovation target area on a regular basis.
  4. Do not stop researching for comparable unique concepts that could improve your innovation even before introduction.
  5. Finally, keep in mind that most often the harder you push an idea/concept that may be way ahead of its time…the more distance you might create among those who can make (or break) your innovation.

Be an INNOVATOR!  But understand that sometimes you have to “Let It Come To You”.

Let It Come To You


It is now the first week of our new year 2022!  And although I was thinking about a message of inspiration and future-thought… I decided we need to start with a “head-on” TRIPLE III TIME topic:  Do People REALLY Hear Me?

Think about it.

CHARLIE BROWNIn this day and age of fast, extensive and multi-faceted communication…it is very necessary and appropriate to regularly ask yourself:  Do People REALLY Hear Me?  As I thought about the value of this message I couldn’t help but remember the Charlie Brown cartoons/comic strips where the terms “Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha” were regularly used to demonstrate that no one was really listening to someone important.  I believe that too often today when we speak or when we listen…the “Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha” syndrome takes effect.

So what’s the potential remedy to resolve the “Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha” syndrome?  Here’s a few TRIPLE III TIME ideas:

  • Use a blended written & voice strategy to convey your message.
  • Don’t be the only, continuous voice when making a point…allow others to share the responsibility.
  • Make it a regular practice to ask:  Did you hear/understand what I said?
  • Apply a strict time limit to each topic and to the overall time dedicated to an individual or group meeting/training.
  • Don’t be afraid to use today’s techno-options for unique short communication “lessons” to help people hear you.
  • Consider fun, informal small group “Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha” syndrome resolution sessions.

The answer to the Do People REALLY Hear Me? TRIPLE III TIME topic question does not have to be controversial or negative.  If everyone understands that professional discomfort is a natural part of personal and professional growth…the answers to achieve quality hearing/listening may come much easier than you think.



As I draft this final TRIPLE III TIME message for 2021, I can hardly believe that we have been sharing thoughts and ideas about communication, leadership, innovation and professional development for eight years.  Sometimes the messages come naturally, sometimes with challenges…but always with the hope that each helps every reader in a special personal or professional way.

This last 2021 TRIPLE III TIME message GIVING (Not Paying) FORWARD was created by the post-retirement activities undertaken by a very great friend.  First, I am assuming that everyone understands what is meant when you talk about the person “Paying Forward” for a product or service for a total stranger.  Maybe it’s paying for a cup of coffee, restaurant tab and/or the fare to go across the Mackinaw Bridge!  These good deeds are referred to as special “Paying Forward” acts of kindness…and it is hoped that they are replicated by the recipient.  But today I want to alter our “Paying Forward” act perception and substitute the unique value of GIVING (Not Paying) FORWARD.

My friend who was/is a very successful business person who decided to initiate GIVING FORWARD activities for several young adults he had just happened to connect with.  What GIVING FORWARD help does he offer you ask?  Well his great GIVING FORWARD advice/coaching includes educational recommendations, career mentoring, relationship development, parenthood issues, business profit & loss challenges and sometimes just fatherhood-isms.  His GIVING FOWARD times never seem to have an agenda but are always given focus by the life experiences concerning each of his GIVING FORWARD “adoptees”.  Money and personal finances may be a topic…but never an expected benefit action.

Bottomline:  The goal of this TRIPLE III TIME message is to encourage everyone to consider a GIVING FORWARD action with someone.  It’s a great learning example to end our year with…and an example to think about starting in 2022.


Are you the boss of you image

Just a little bit ago I was having an interesting conversation with one of my very young grandsons.  Most of the discussion centered around…”Grandpa what do you do anyways?”  Well as I tried to explain what I do to help people and groups…another direct question came blurting out:  “Grandpa Are YOU The Boss Of YOU?”  And even though I began a simple explanation “speech” to him about Boss-isms…I began thinking a lot more about his question.

In real life and work Are YOU The Boss Of YOU?  Without question the answer is forever “YES!”.  However as I tried to give this question the value it deserves, I couldn’t help writing down some prime time TOP 10 related questions:

  1. Do you set a good Boss example everyday for yourself?
  2. Have you been encouraging to YOU and those around you?
  3. Do you need to “pump-up” your Boss reliability factor?
  4. As Boss of YOU…have you taken the easy-way-out on important decisions lately?
  5. Have you been a good Boss listener to yourself this week?
  6. Are you an inspiring Boss (to YOU)?
  7. Are you a Boss that procrastinates?
  8. Do you often or even sometimes say “that’s good enough” (as the Boss of YOU) when finishing an important project?
  9. Do others seek you out to benefit from your Boss of YOU priorities?
  10. Finally at this Christmas time and end of the year…would you nominate yourself as Boss Of YOU…for the year?

Have a fun time with these Are YOU The Boss Of YOU? TOP 10 questions and enjoy your Christmas.

TRIPLE III TIME: Having The Toughest Talks

Toughest Talks Image 7Everyone knows about the challenges and discomforts that come with Having The Toughest Talks with someone.  Whether its about under-performance with a co-worker, the canceling of an agreement with a partner company or service provider and/or trying to resolve a conflict issue with a family member or friend…the discussion moments are tough!  In response some ignore or hide from the challenge(s) hoping that it might resolve itself.  Others might take a “my way or the highway” hardline approach just to move it forward (good or bad) in some way.

No one “enjoys” the Having The Toughest Talks moments.  I know that I have touched on this issue over the years in other TRIPLE III TIME messages, but today it is time to give it a special TOP 10 “helpful thoughts” blog segment.

  1. Treat the person/persons how YOU would want to be treated during a Having The Toughest Talks situation.
  2. Gather as many “facts” as you can regarding the challenge…but stay open to new/additional facts as the tough talks continue.
  3. Do NOT enter Having The Toughest Talks discussions with your mind already made up on what will happen afterward.
  4. Appropriately use each person’s age and experience as measuring tools in assessing the situation.
  5. Leave other people’s opinions “at the door”.
  6. Listen well and take notes.
  7. Correctly compute the values related to action options (i.e. firing the person/canceling services/personnel reassignment, etc.)
  8. Consider the precedent-setting issues that will result from your action or inaction.
  9. Don’t ignore the option of postponing action on the issue. Sometimes delayed action is a solid positive step for all sides.
  10. Finally understand the high-value of compromise while Having The Toughest Talks.

I am sure there are more than these TOP 10 “words-of-wisdom” that would be helpful when Having The Toughest Talks.  Please add them to this list and build your own set of resolution recommendations.  Responding to Having the Toughest Talks incidents will always be “a work in progress”!

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Taking On The Trainer Role


How would you react if tomorrow your boss announced that YOU would be preparing and delivering specialty training to a select staff/customer group next week? Would you be ready and confident… or scared and confused?

Well this months Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast focuses totally on offering grounded progressive concepts as you are Taking On The Trainer Role!  However, my message is unfortunately very short and only recommends a few strategic trainer planning ideas.  But as you listen, I know YOU will expand on each idea and be ready to deliver a GREAT training!

TRIPLE III TIME: U.S. Citizenship & Voting 101

Over time I have discussed the multiple motivations that drive the selection of topics for my weekly TRIPLE III TIME blogs and American Society for Public Administration quarterly articles. Sometimes the ideas come from a long-standing concern or concept. Others are generated by professional interactions or family principles.

This week I hope you enjoy the special discussions that led to drafting this week’s “combination” message. You should always enjoy giving credit where credit is due… so be sure to take note of the critical thinking and problem-solving efforts of some quality young adults!

U.S. Citizenship & Voting 101


This week we are going to talk about “The Importance of KEY WORDS!” that describe you, that you use as a means of making a priority point, or that possibly drive you to take professional action on a particular issue.  I believe everyone establishes a unique form of communication through the use of KEY WORDS while on the job.

Picture1What do I mean?  Well let me provide two personal examples.  First anyone who has ever worked with me knows very well what I mean when I USE the word “cause”.  They understand that I am referring to the mission of helping people, helping businesses and/or the community to be better.  Likewise, when I HEAR the phrase:  “We have never done or tried to do this before”…colleagues know my innovation instincts kick into high gear and drive me to take on a new professional challenge!

The goal of this week’s TRIPLE III TIME message is to encourage everyone to pay professional attention to The Importance of KEY WORDS! that describe/define YOU!  Think about the KEY WORDS that communicate who you are…what you stand for…that people use to describe you…and label you in your world-of-work.  Are they positive and progressive or passive and uncertain?  I even ask candidates that I interview for jobs or project assignments: Give me three KEY WORDS that define/describe you.

Give some quality time to understanding The Importance of KEY WORDS! in communicating your status as a person and worker.  Let me know your results.


Over the years our TRIPLE III TIME messages have mentioned and discussed the importance and long term value of mentors and life advisors.  I believe we should all have at least a couple individuals that are regularly available and professionally comfortable to reach out to…no matter the issue.

two men talkingMr. L & Dr. B have been my 40 year (plus) mentors and life advisors.  They always provide common idea-sharing support and wisdom…but at any given moment have the capacities to specialize in a professional or personal area of concern.  As a result they both have contributed in different ways to my innovative style and professional approach with useful information and “furture-ish” guidance.

But there’s the III question:  When do YOU fill that special mentor/advisor role for someone?  Let me offer an example.

Recently a friend and colleague called just to share concerns about a tough education related issue.  We talked for some time but unfortunately I was not able to offer him a real solid solution for his problem.  However, the conversation ended with this statement:  “I know we didn’t find a good answer to my issue but just hearing your quiet, listening voice has helped me a lot.”

The moral of this TRIPLE III TIME message is to always…ALWAYS give someone the best information, help and support you can.  The example I mentioned caused me to reflect on others who have looked to me for mentoring and life advice…and I found it happens much more often that I realized.  Maybe its my age and graying hair…but it is a special honor just to be consulted.  So because you will not instantly recognize your “mentoring-moments”…be genuine and positively thoughtful every time.

Thanks again Mr. L & Dr. B.

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