LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: The EXTRA Factors of Empowerment


The action of Empowerment… “giving” someone/ some group authority or legal power to do something on your behalf” … is a strong professional personnel decision for anyone at all levels. This definition sounds similar to simple delegation… but it is not.

This months Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: The EXTRA Factors of Empowerment, goes behind the delegation actions and discusses the much needed EXTRA Factors that are key to a successful Empowerment assignment. Although it is understood that no two Empowerment endeavors are the same… I believe there are at least three Factors to consider when initiating Empowerment action.

Enjoy the listen.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: The “First 5” Innovation LEADERSHIP Principles


Innovation Leadership… in my world it is a regular, solid, necessary blended principle in every career and business building initiative. There is less and less room for “that is the way we have always done it” thoughts and action. And the world seems more than ready to seek out something new and special.

This month’s The “First 5” Innovation LEADERSHIP Principles are a group of unique reflections of conversations I had with colleagues regarding our common “always-a-better-way” philosophy.

I tried to fit a lot in a few minutes! I hope you enjoy the listen.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Everything-to-Everyone Leadership


I believe it is important to start our new year 2023 out right by offering a message related to one of our principal topic areas: LEADERSHIP. If you look at the title:  Everything-to-Everyone Leadership, you get the introduction idea of the challenge I am going to address. And like many LEARNING MOMENTS we discuss, there are no perfect answers to this expectation dilemma.

However as you listen closely to the podcast, I try to offer at least a workable idea to improve every Everything-to-Everyone Leadership event.

Enjoy the listen.


LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Fine Tuning Your Listening Channels


It is the final podcast for 2022! And although we have discussed fun, important, thought-generating topics every month… this month is totally special! 


 This is the first time I have had a guest/guests on the podcast with me. One of my American Government & Politics classes were very persistent with their request to be part of a podcast discussion… and this month, they “got-their-way.”  Although brief, I know their input on our Fine Tuning Your Listening Channels topic was right on track. 

I hope you enjoy the listen and we will talk next in 2023. 

LEARNING MOMENTS: “Questioning Your Decision-Making”


This months Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast title speaks for itself and needs no additional explanation. The habit of “Questioning Your Decision-Making” isn’t new, but I believe in recent times it has become a more dehabilitating habit for those in a leadership role.

I am assuming everyone will be able to relate to the discussion points raised in this critical podcast. And I also hope that everyone will think strongly about my recommendation for improvement in the “Questioning Your Decision-Making” area.

Enjoy the listen and we will take on another topic next month.

LEARNING MOMENTS: Understanding – Understandability


It is difficult to devise a way to slow down the speed and volume of information that is shared with us every minute of every day. The result is a growing lack of comprehension of the Who – What – When –  Where and Why’s of actions and events going on all around us.

Hence we need to think about our capacity of: Understanding – Understandability! 

This month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast first discusses the reasons we are facing an Understanding – Understandability dilemma. And in the final minutes of the podcast, I try to offer a few recommendations to ease this dilemma.

I hope you enjoy the listen.

LEARNING MOMENTS: Seasons of Change


This month I chose a more serious topic for the Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast: Seasons of Change. Work families are a very important element in building and retaining a great workforce culture. And when someone leaves… for whatever reason… there are good and not-so-good ways of dealing with this transitional action.

There are no easy, standardized methods of working through Seasons of Change. The suggestions I offer are intended to be helpful, but every situation is different. Use LEADERSHIP – COMMUNICATIONS –PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – INNOVATION as your guiding principles, and whats best for everyone will be the result.

Enjoy the listen.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Seeing ALL Sides


We have all heard the phrase, “There are always at least two sides to every story.”

Well not only is the “two-sides” part of this phrase very true… but this month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast will talk about the importance of Seeing ALL Sides of an issue.

Professionally working to improve your Seeing ALL Sides skills and learning how to strategically apply this critical high value ability are all part of the discussion. Perfecting Seeing ALL Sides is not possible, but I believe we all can improve our efforts.

Enjoy the listen.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Reaching Back… To Grow Forward


It is always wonderful to get a request from a TRIPLE III TIME Blog reader or Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast listener. Well this month’s podcast Reaching Back… To Grow Forward is really a combination of both. 


Back in December 2016, I penned a TRIPLE III TIME Blog message that included a TOP 10 list of ideas that asked everyone to look back in their pasts… gather up all the “bests”… and strategically utilize them for their future. The requester asked me to offer a special podcast that provided a “live” discussion of each TOP 10 item. 


Well listen closely and plan to spend a few more minutes hearing the extended message. It was fun, and in a way the TOP 10 feels timeless.

Learning Moments Podcast: “Speaking of Praise”


Do you have a quality style of sharing, giving Praise to someone? Or do you offer Praise in a very routine, standardized fashion that ends up not really conveying the appreciation you were really hoping for?

The “Speaking of Praise” Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast is proposed to help everyone give the responsibility of Praise delivery all the special attention it deserves. As always, I try to explain a lot in my five (or so) minute talk… but I hope the suggestions I offer can make a positive difference.

Enjoy the listen. 

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