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It is not surprising that no one regardless of their area of responsibility enjoys the task of personnel evaluation.  Most times the forms utilized are formal, ranking someone as a 1-2-3-4-5 is difficult, the conversations that circle around the process are typically uncomfortable and the relationships people have on a day-to-day basis standardly become challenged based on how good or bad the evaluation results are.

Next think about the priorities contained in the evaluation format.  Primarily the focus of any evaluation is on what you have accomplished…old news right?  And then for corrective action the discussion is how to improve the bad old news…right again?  Given the speed and complexity of change occurring in our business and public service worlds of work…is this design really the best use of one-on-one professional development time??

I believe we need to apply innovation strategies to the function of evaluation.  How about if we start by embracing the concept of:  Evaluating The “FUTURE YOU!”?  Remember employees are a company’s/organization’s greatest asset.  So, if you are strategizing for continuous improvement…wouldn’t an Evaluating The “FUTURE YOU!” format be most appropriate/necessary?

IMG_7574[4073]This format could consider each employee as a small business.  As a result the evaluation would require the employee to create their own skill, product, sales, performance, and creativity plans going forward.  The discussion would concentrate on what additional value they would bring to themselves and in so doing improve the company/organization.  Placing the main focus on the person and their development plan may feel odd at first…but consider the issue of computer upgrading.  Computers need to be tended to and upgraded periodically to be needed and more useful to the agency.  Maybe by using an Evaluating The “FUTURE YOU!” component for personnel reviews, you may find a new, unique full-growth organizational strategy for upgrading and adding value to your workers!

TRIPLE III TIME: Innovation & Expectation Monitoring

As leaders… no matter the leadership role you assume… it is necessary to delegate/assign certain projects or duties to individuals or possibly a group.  In this process it is understood that as the leader and delegator… you share your list of expectations of project completion and areas of success.  It all sounds so simple… right?

But what happens when those given the assignment take an “innovation turn” and go a non-traditional route for completion? As might be expected… the results are not exactly what was planned but a great deal of learning and project alternative discoveries were reported?  Given the unplanned changes, where do your instincts as a leader take you and what form of appropriate “next-step” action(s) do YOU take?

As you answer this question… I suggest the first thing you must do is ask yourself:  Am I an EXPECTATION MONITOR? Do I monitor the individual or group and measure them against the way I would have completed the project?  Do I evaluate their results solely against MY EXPECTATIONS of positive outcomes?

Expectation Monitor PicIn response to this question, I need to brag that some of my greatest experiences as a leader came from making wide-open project assignments that had equally wide-open results.  Individuals were challenged to be innovative and share creative visions of assignment completion. Most importantly the assigned project no longer was just MY priority… rather it was “owned” by all involved in its development and delivery.

Bottomline: It is critical to consider your priorities and if you truly believe in innovation at all organizational levels… you cannot be an EXPECTATION MONITOR.  Why… because an EXPECTATION MONITOR will:

  • Crush innovations
  • Limit group contributions
  • Lessen individual participation
  • Lower agency trust
  • Confirm a negative “I’ll do it myself” mentality

I guess I am encouraging you to enjoy the privilege of delegating and trust the existence of an innovative spirit!


The year is now 2021.  What are you going to do to kick off the new year in an extra special direction?   No… this is not a New Years Resolution TRIPLE III TIME message.  Rather it is a professional suggestion to begin 2021 with a unique analysis to identify YOUR Source of ENERGY… progressive… positive… innovative ENERGY that will serve as a guide going forward.

I will bet that you have never really completed an analysis of your sources of ENERGY before.  But right now, think hard… are your sources:

And don’t take the easy way out when completing your analysis and say, “All of Them!” While that may be true based on specific circumstances… I believe everyone has a select ENERGY “WELL” that they go back to for help.

  • Family
  • Customers
  • Networking
  • New Projects
  • Students
  • Colleagues
  • Mentors/Advisors
  • What? Who?

Why is completing this YOUR Source of ENERGY analysis so vital right now? Because too often… especially given the challenges of 2020… people seem to get entrenched in a Zone of Dis-Energy…. and their spirit of potential… future thought… personal and professional entrepreneurship goes/remains dormant.

Bottomline: Make a pledge/promise/commitment right now to maximize connectivity with YOUR Source of ENERGY!  Daily let the progressive sources of energy surround you.  YOU have the power to do this.  Build on current solid sources of energy and weekly seek out one or two more.  Don’t allow negative sources of dis-energy “control-the-flow”.  Remember this process begins with a quality analysis of YOUR Source of ENERGY. Don’t short-change this fun “input” activity… it will lessen the new ENERGY output.


One of my personal Inspiring Innovations, Inc. business priorities is to NEVER deliver service “reruns” to different individuals or organizations. What do I mean? I mean every consultant moment, workshop and/or training must be special and individualized for everyone. However, this week I may be breaking my rule.

Let me explain.

During my Director days I produced a TOP 10 list of Agency work/service priorities for every upcoming week. The TOP 10 could cover new projects, meetings, joint ventures, fiscal reports… anything and everything!  It was a great management tool and kept everyone “in the game” of Agency initiatives and always looking toward the future!  

Then after 30 years of progressive, creative and fun leadership… I found myself leaving to do Inspiring Innovations, Inc. activities full time… and without being too sentimental I had to put together my last TOP 10 for my co-workers.  And only because of sincere requests for a reminder rerun, here it is.

  1. ACTION: Be leaders everyday… I expect nothing less. ACTION DRIVERS: Everyone
  • ACTION: The road going forward for the Agency is set up to the best of my ability… pave it with good work. ACTION DRIVERS: Everyone
  • ACTION: Follow the visionary quote that says: “The best way to predict the future… is to invent it.” ACTION DRIVERS: Everyone
  • ACTION: Keep a “family-feel” in the organization… it keeps you grounded. ACTION DRIVERS: Everyone
  • ACTION: When you finally see a USDOL Performance Standard called INNOVATIVITY… be sure we score high. ACTION DRIVERS: Everyone
  • ACTION: Always know I will take ALL of you with me wherever I go and whatever I do… because no one goes it alone. ACTION DRIVERS: Everyone
  • ACTION: When you try a new initiative, don’t do it the way Marv would… DO IT BECAUSE WE WOULD! ACTION DRIVERS: Everyone
  • ACTION: Remember to always give 100% to the CAUSE.  If you don’t… what are you saving the rest for? ACTION DRIVERS: Everyone
  • ACTION: If you try to hide from change… know that it will be much bigger when it finds you. ACTION DRIVERS: Everyone
  1. ACTION: Thirty years is a long time to be lucky… thank you for allowing me to be the lucky one. ACTION DRIVERS: Everyone

Thanks to everyone for seven (7) years of TRIPLE III TIME blog messaging.  Enjoy the holidays.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Prioritize NOW Planning

Inspiring Innovations
December 2020
Prioritize NOW Planning

There has not been a time when quality planning for any organization or business has been more critical.  Call it strategic planning or figuring out what we are going to do over the next year or so… getting a progressive plan together for the future is a must!

This Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast offers my version of new era planning I label: Prioritize NOW Planning.  It emphasizes the frequency of change… its impact on action based on solid, timely planning… and of course the need to allow space for innovation.

I hope you enjoy the listen.

TRIPLE III TIME: Council of Past Presidents

Hello is this President Elect Joe Biden? You don’t know me, but my name is Marv Pichla and I am calling to ask you to take a close look at my latest American Society of Public Administration PA TIMES quarterly article about creating a Council of Past Presidents!  Why? Because as good American citizens we all need to help the country in the best way we can… and this is my contribution.

I can’t think of a better way to introduce this week’s TRIPLE III TIME message: Council of Past Presidents.  The ASPA article lays out the rationale, purpose and design for maximizing the learnings that can only come from those who have held the office of President of the United States! 

I hope you enjoy the article.

TRIPLE III TIME: Ageless Example Setting

For some reason lately a growing number of people… from all parts of my personal and professional life… have been asking: “Aren’t you going to retire soon?”  And then they follow up THAT question with an extensive list of all the things I won’t have to do if I just move into that retirement phase. Most I think are surprised when I don’t answer with any kind of comment… but I know they feel they have ventured into a uncomfortable life area… so maybe silence IS the best answer.

To be honest, I don’t think I can/will ever take “retirement” seriously. But as I considered how to share this “retirement-related” TRIPLE III TIME message with you… thoughts about example setting… the importance of Ageless Example Setting… quickly became the most important point to discuss.

What do I mean?

I mean that everyone should understand that they are an example to everyone around them everyday… EVERYDAY.  And because of this issue a special TOP 10 reminder may be timely!

  1. RESPECT others not because you have to… but because it is the right thing to do.
  2. PARTNER with others if you have the opportunity… because more brainpower creates a better product.
  3. LISTEN better than everyone… it is the best way to learn more.
  4. EXPLORE new and different customer service options… it will keep you fresh.
  5. SHARE ideas and concerns openly without criticism… it will build your network.
  6. KEEP PROMISES that you make… it shows character.
  7. GIVE BACK in actions to those who have helped you personally and professionally… they will remember too.
  8. COMPLETE initiatives/assignments… because half-done is a score of 50%
  9. INNOVATE because you can be the future… and not be considered “old news”
  10. LEAD when asked… if you don’t you may never be asked again.

These are my TOP 10 Ageless Example Setting priorities.  I am sure there are/will be more (because no one really retires from example setting!)

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: “Competency”

“COMPETENCY”… how do you define it… how do you measure it… and how can you prove you have it in a certain area?

COMPETENCY is a vital concern for every business/organization… everywhere.  Having a competent, quality workforce is a mission pursued by many and often a challenge to achieve.

This month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast attempts to offer some professional development thoughts about COMPETENCY and how personal responsibility is a Key.

TRIPLE III TIME: Contributing To the “Staff-Time” Specialty Library

One of my favorite consultant workshop participant activities is to work with everyone individually and together to draft a “Staff-Time” Specialty Library. What is a “Staff-Time” Specialty Library? Well in my innovationist mind, the “Staff-Time” Specialty Library is a log of one-page outlines/descriptions of unique learnings of staff that have the potential for personal/professional progressive sharing.

Think about it.

A quality “Staff-Time” Specialty Library could consist of skill sharing in areas of:

  • Artwork or painting
  • Creative Writing
  • Mathematics/Accounting
  • Mechanics
  • Technology Usage
  • Woodworking
  • Business Development
  • Community Activities
  • Music
  • And On & On

And then the question: Why a “Staff-Time” Specialty Library?  Well the rationale for going through this activity is to first show everyone who people are outside their organization/business jobs.  In a safe fun way, the activity tends to build a sense of family within the group that is always a good return on investment. Finally, the “Staff-Time” Specialty Library may also uncover excellent, unknown personnel skill-sets that could be applied to regular work functions.

As the facilitator of the workshop it is also great for me to see the recognition by staff that training workshops don’t’ have to be completely only about the business/organization.  Finding and sharing everyone’s single bit of SPECIAL is HIGH VALUE… everyday… EVERYDAY!

TRIPLE III TIME: The Responsibility to Share

Every once in a while I read an article/newspiece I feel strongly about sharing. On Sunday November 1st Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press released an article entitled: “Election will be meaningless if we don’t change our ways”. Yes it’s about the election and all the negatives it has produced.

However if you look at it with progressive personal leadership eyes… it offers a GREAT view of what we need to do to positively go forward… together.

Please read it carefully and completely. And thanks Mr. Albom for sharing it… so I can share too.

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