Well if you have not paid attention or missed some of the pickups parked on the side of the road near a patch of woods… it is deer hunting season!  And one of he “sayings” related to this season I have heard over the years was: “If You Are NOT OUT THERE… Then You Are NOT IN!”

What does this statement mean to those involved in deer hunting?

Simply it means that if you: (1) sleep-in, (2) decide it is too cold, (3) watch a movie, or (4) go to work on an overdue project; you will not be out in the woods and not seriously be in the hunting game for the necessary times that are available!

OK go ahead… now ask how does all this special information add up to a quality TRIPLE III TIME message?

Well I believe this statement: “If You Are NOT OUT THERE… Then You Are NOT IN!” also very appropriately applies to the need for timely, dedicated, workplace COMMUNICATION.  Whether you are in private business or offer services in the public sector, if you fail to have a regular, strong and even unique process for getting your message out to those you work with or work for… you are really NOT OUT THERE and thereby NOT IN the game of effective successful COMMUNICATION.

Just like getting your hunting blind/food plots ready, communicating regularly in a quality way sets you up for better business/service opportunities.  Also building in diverse methods of communicating within your workplace network can also enhance your potential of “being in the right place at the right time” (also a favorite deer hunting saying). 

Bottomline: Be OUT THERE with great COMMUNICATION and you will be IN with greater business/service success.

TRIPLE III TIME: Communication: How Much Is Enough Or Too Much?

I don’t have to tell you or explain why EVERYONE in all walks of life are facing Communication: How Much Is Enough Or Too Much… challenges.  Challenges like:

  • What is the best communication method to use in certain areas?
  • Who gets included in some emails or not others?
  • Is it still OK to make your own handwritten sign and just put it in the hall?
  • Are some issues still a “secret” to communicate when there is nothing secret about them?
  • Is there short and long-term value in just giving most messages/information to everyone?
  • How do you avoid having people think your messages are NOT that important?

The list of communication challenges questions is endless.  However, this TRIPLE III TIME message is intended to offer some common sense communication challenge “helpers” to maybe use everyday… EVERYDAY!

First, no matter your personal/professional role or the goal of your communication… YOU are the LEADER. Content, distribution and timing are all in your court… so grab this responsibility opportunity and be decisive. Developing a style and standard for your communication will cause message receivers to look forward to your information and be more prepared for its distribution.

Second, in terms of distribution, I have always been more successful when siding in the area of INCLUSION.  Eliminating the occurrence of co-workers or colleagues claiming “I didn’t receive that message” … or “no one told me” … is worth the extra effort of ultra-sharing action!

TRIPLE III TIME JAN 24 IMAGEFinally, in addition to SIMPLICITYAUTHENTICITY matters. There is nothing wrong with a colorful handwritten sign or message!  People appreciate passion, caring, involvement, commitment and personal interest… especially when they can receive a custom visual!

Every communication responsibility is unique.  But if you keep the terms: LEADER, INCLUSION, SIMPLICITY and AUTHENTICITY strategically in mind… you will be fine.

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