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TRIPLE III TIME: “Practicing What YOU Preach!”

First let me admit that taking on this topic message:  “Practicing What YOU Preach!” has been avoided for quite some time.  Why?  Maybe because I am not the best…most complete listener that I preach everyone should be?!  Or maybe I take calculated risks more often and maybe more risky risks than I would admit to in some of my weekly TRIPLE III TIME blog messages.  However, no matter my position, the professional value in this life-long statement of wisdom is regularly accepted across everyone’s workplace and life situations.

Therefore, in order to give “Practicing What YOU Preach!” its full TRIPLE III TIME notoriety, here is a customized TOP 10 that I am sure will hit-home with many:

​1.  Are you giving someone else’s good idea a real, solid chance?

2.  Are you revising your stance that just because your best way worked 15 years ago…it may not be the best way today?

3.  Are you giving employees, partners, customers, co-workers, family…a second or third chance?

4.  ​Are you not being immediately defensive when questioned about an action you took?

5.  Are you accepting change as standard-business activity?

​6.  Are you not preparing an answer in your mind…before you hear the whole story?

7.  Are you really getting things done ahead of schedule…or are old reminders still necessary?

​8.  Are you still ignoring quality research and data that says your cool idea isn’t cool?

9.  Are you limiting your techno-time or are you now addicted to social media?

10.  Oh yeah…are you listening better and more completely everyday…EVERYDAY?

I am sure you are looking in the mirror when you ask yourself the question are you “Practicing What YOU Preach?”  about these or other questions.  Who knows…honesty may show up.

Have fun with this TRIPLE III TIME exercise!




One of my regular targets for “change-action” is applying imagination to the traditional standards of measuring success and considering a Return-On-Investment.  It is always easier to take out the OLD performance standards and/or fiscal “cost-per” measurements and declare a program, service or product a success or failure.  But what about measuring a continuous improvement action/training?  Is it a standard business procedure to re-gather affected staff to determine the minimum or maximum effectiveness of a continuous improvement initiative?  Or is just offering the initiative and having everyone attend the measure of success?

Well because change, innovation and dollars all deserve “equal time” as progress and quality factors, consider these TOP 10 “What Aren’t We Seeing?” EVAL-CULATIONS! (Yes it’s a new word!) as you consider the value of your continuous improvement efforts:

  1. Did organizational leadership revisit the trainees and ask them “What’s the 1 THING you learned?”
  2. How many other colleagues did you share your positive learning experience with?
  3. Did the organization’s action/training prompt you to meet one-on-one with co-workers to consider a more progressive change?
  4. How many attendees expressed a “Something To Look Forward To!” attitude following the continuous improvement action/training?
  5. Was it possible to calculate the number of “spin-off” ideas that resulted?
  6. In follow-up discussions…did attendees appear to improve their ability to prioritize?
  7. Did the organization’s action/training generate increased/quality internal/external communication?
  8. How many attendees “stepped-up” to be more involved in future actions?
  9. Is it possible to witness personnel re-looking at past evaluation approaches and considering new, innovation-based designs?
  10. If our goal is to be better and special…as organizations, businesses, and workers…shouldn’t we try to use unique 21st Century EVAL-CULATIONS as new criteria?

Don’t ever be afraid of or limit the way you look at the value of initiatives.  Better and Special deserve an always changing, always innovative measuring stick…plus it often causes FUN to be infused into your daily work.

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