LEARNING MOMENTS: Public Sector Entrepreneurship


Public Sector Entrepreneurship. This topic is/has been one of my favorite career-long priorities and principles everyday…. EVERYDAY!  So, when I decided to start our new year 2022 with a discussion surrounding this professional issue, the concepts… thoughts… history… and passion came out very easily.

Of course INNOVATION is the foundation of successful Public Sector Entrepreneurship.  So I hope my LEARNING MOMENTS explanation in this months podcast helpS everyone involved in any form of public service to give and take credit for every special creative action facilitated in your workplace.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Taking On The Trainer Role


How would you react if tomorrow your boss announced that YOU would be preparing and delivering specialty training to a select staff/customer group next week? Would you be ready and confident… or scared and confused?

Well this months Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast focuses totally on offering grounded progressive concepts as you are Taking On The Trainer Role!  However, my message is unfortunately very short and only recommends a few strategic trainer planning ideas.  But as you listen, I know YOU will expand on each idea and be ready to deliver a GREAT training!

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Infused Leadership


The importance of EVERYONE assuming the role of leader in their place of work no matter their job… has been part of many LEARNING MOMENTS discussions. This month’s topic: Infused Leadership, is a special initiative action to be adopted by organizational leaders to build the leadership capabilities of every worker.

Infused Leadership can best be explained through the use of real-life examples.  So I hope as you listen deeply to the three examples shared in this month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast, you will be ready to introduce Infused Leadership activities into your workplace too.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: “What Do You Mean: CULTURE?”


More and more in all sectors of employment, “specialists” are talking about the importance of a solid workplace culture? What is it? How do you develop it? And what/who is responsible for maintaining it?  This months Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast, “What Do You Mean: CULTURE?”, attempts to answer some of these questions. And yes, five minutes does not seem like enough time to respond to even one.  But listen closely and let me know what you think? 



LEARNING MOMENTS: Educationing Your Organization


Sometimes in your career-building journey you try-out different actions and attempt to determine the best ways(s) forward.  You never know for sure if certain activities are the best… if the timing is right… and/or if your initiative for development even makes good progress sense?

This very special Educationing Your Organization Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast is about my time as an agency leader and my non-traditional design for developing the organization. It was a unique, fun time. I know you will enjoy this podcast discussion.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: “On Paper or Online?”


Transition and new age expectations are part of all aspects of our work/life activities. And although our August Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast topic about communication options sounds simple: “On Paper or Online?” … in practice it is often confusing on which option would be best.

This month we take a practical common-sense approach to discussing the use of traditional paper communication practices versus the ever improving online, social media options. Shelf-life, age and shareability are all part of this Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS message.

Listen closely… I know it will help!

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: 21st Century Work Ethic Skills



Every once in a while, I find myself going back to my job training administer career roots.  However even though with this podcast title it feels like I am just talking history… the importance of understanding and teaching work ethic skills will forever be a true leadership responsibility.

This month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: 21st Century Work Ethic Skills is all about minimum new age employee workplace expectations.  My observational research has helped me identify five (5) that I felt were high value. I hope my podcast work ethic skill discussion offers a little insight for their application in your workplace.


learning-moments-podcast-logoThere could never be a better time than right NOW to strategize about Setting GOALS for yourself.  Short-term and long-term… personal and professional… it is time to get out those legal pads (or maybe dial up an Excel spreadsheet) and begin the process of mapping out some important goals for yourself for the upcoming year(s)!

This month’s “Setting GOALS” Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast discusses my TOP 10 ideas for getting started with your plan. Remember to have fun with Setting (YOUR) GOALS! Enjoy the podcast.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: “Beginning” An Innovation



Building on innovative opportunities has always been a personal and professional priority for me. It (innovation) is/has been part of my leadership style and operations mindset… so innovation actions just seemed natural! When a good friend asked: What factors do you consider when planning the introduction of a new innovation… I really had to stop and think!!


This Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast on “Beginning” An Innovation is my attempt to identify and very briefly discuss four main factors I believe are key to this issue.  I know there are other factors and each individually could fill up an entire podcast!  But for this month hopefully this message  offers a good start.




This month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast is intended to help everyone realize the value of utilizing a “TEN (10) YEARS AHEAD!” organizational planning strategy.  Is it easy to predict that you can see the future… NO!  But isn’t it necessary to offer “leap-frog” product and services innovative options to maximize worker, business, and education workplace opportunities?!

Listen closely to the purpose behind the “TEN (10) YEARS AHEAD!” discussion… and then the simple hints that could help you lead in this area.

April 2021 LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast

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