LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Reaching Back… To Grow Forward


It is always wonderful to get a request from a TRIPLE III TIME Blog reader or Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast listener. Well this month’s podcast Reaching Back… To Grow Forward is really a combination of both. 


Back in December 2016, I penned a TRIPLE III TIME Blog message that included a TOP 10 list of ideas that asked everyone to look back in their pasts… gather up all the “bests”… and strategically utilize them for their future. The requester asked me to offer a special podcast that provided a “live” discussion of each TOP 10 item. 


Well listen closely and plan to spend a few more minutes hearing the extended message. It was fun, and in a way the TOP 10 feels timeless.

Learning Moments Podcast: “Speaking of Praise”


Do you have a quality style of sharing, giving Praise to someone? Or do you offer Praise in a very routine, standardized fashion that ends up not really conveying the appreciation you were really hoping for?

The “Speaking of Praise” Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast is proposed to help everyone give the responsibility of Praise delivery all the special attention it deserves. As always, I try to explain a lot in my five (or so) minute talk… but I hope the suggestions I offer can make a positive difference.

Enjoy the listen. 

LEARNING MOMENTS: Innovation Motivates


Every organization/business is always in search of new and different ways to motivate their employees and often even the customers they serve. There are books, articles, and workshops which all offer ideas and actions to help get everyone motivated… right?  But today I ask, “What about using INNOVATION to be your motivator?

This month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast: Innovation Motivates is all about using new creative innovation practices as your organization’s motivation “driver”.  The progressive outcomes from Innovation Motivates are labeled in the podcast as the Fantastic Five! Each describes the multiple personnel benefits and future considerations that may come forth.

Enjoy the listening.


LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Remembering “IDEAS” … For Motivation


This month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast topic is what some people would call “a flash from the past”! Going back and discussing an IDEAS Guidebook I had prepared for the group several years ago was not at all my planned LEARNING MOMENTS topic for April. However when a group of current American Government & Politics students cornered me and asked if I would review it for them… suddenly its purpose and meaning became real important again.

I believe you will completely understand the title: Remembering “IDEAS” … For Motivation as you listen to the podcast. And I can truthfully report that the class listened, cared, and were motivated by our IDEAS Guidebook revisit. I hope you are too.


LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: “Are You A Student Of Your Business… Your Job?”

Sometimes in my LEARNING MOMENTS podcasts or my TRIPLE III TIME blog messages I promote the need to “take your job personally.”  And by doing so I am hoping you make your employment experiences all that they can be and possibly more.

This month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast topic “Are You A Student Of Your Business… Your Job?” … is all about heightening your PERSONAL interest and commitment to being professionally successful. During the podcast I offer a series of self-evaluation questions that should help enhance your “Student” efforts and perhaps become The Greatest Of All Time!

Enjoy the message.

LEARNING MOMENTS: Getting & Giving Professional Coaching


I think we have all thought about having someone you trust, admire, appreciate provide you with some professional coaching when dealing with a personal or work-related challenge. Today society would probably label that as having a “Life Coach.”

But this month our Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast takes an inclusive view of this advising responsibly by discussing both Getting & Giving Professional Coaching. Specifically, the LEARNING MOMENTS shared calls on everyone to realize that Coaching is infused into everyone’s personal and professional lives. As a result, whether top-down / side-to-side / or bottom-up Coaching is high value. Even to the point of making it a part of your organizational personnel policies.

Enjoy the listen.

LEARNING MOMENTS: Public Sector Entrepreneurship


Public Sector Entrepreneurship. This topic is/has been one of my favorite career-long priorities and principles everyday…. EVERYDAY!  So, when I decided to start our new year 2022 with a discussion surrounding this professional issue, the concepts… thoughts… history… and passion came out very easily.

Of course INNOVATION is the foundation of successful Public Sector Entrepreneurship.  So I hope my LEARNING MOMENTS explanation in this months podcast helpS everyone involved in any form of public service to give and take credit for every special creative action facilitated in your workplace.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Taking On The Trainer Role


How would you react if tomorrow your boss announced that YOU would be preparing and delivering specialty training to a select staff/customer group next week? Would you be ready and confident… or scared and confused?

Well this months Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast focuses totally on offering grounded progressive concepts as you are Taking On The Trainer Role!  However, my message is unfortunately very short and only recommends a few strategic trainer planning ideas.  But as you listen, I know YOU will expand on each idea and be ready to deliver a GREAT training!

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Infused Leadership


The importance of EVERYONE assuming the role of leader in their place of work no matter their job… has been part of many LEARNING MOMENTS discussions. This month’s topic: Infused Leadership, is a special initiative action to be adopted by organizational leaders to build the leadership capabilities of every worker.

Infused Leadership can best be explained through the use of real-life examples.  So I hope as you listen deeply to the three examples shared in this month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast, you will be ready to introduce Infused Leadership activities into your workplace too.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: “What Do You Mean: CULTURE?”


More and more in all sectors of employment, “specialists” are talking about the importance of a solid workplace culture? What is it? How do you develop it? And what/who is responsible for maintaining it?  This months Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast, “What Do You Mean: CULTURE?”, attempts to answer some of these questions. And yes, five minutes does not seem like enough time to respond to even one.  But listen closely and let me know what you think? 



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