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LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Professionalizing Your Faceless Image

Inspiring Innovations
March 2021
Professionalizing Your Faceless Image

Sometimes in our personal and professional race to be the quickest, most hi-tech and 21st Century “cool” individual… we lose track of certain success attainment principles. Specifically, I mean communicating with quality and completeness in our social media world-of-work.

Applying a high-level communication quality control thought process is the message contained in this months Professionalizing Your Faceless Image LEARNING MOMENTS podcast.   Think hard as you listen to the discussion and then apply a self-analysis social media communication test. How is your image? 

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Professionalizing Your Faceless Image

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: “Priceless Qualities”


When you hear or read the terms: Priceless Qualities, what do you think about? Maybe you consider some specific examples and who may have them? But then what? Well this months Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast takes you through a fun thought process involving each of these questions. The discussion highlights the ongoing importance of identifying those individuals you hold in high regard and the Priceless Qualities they retain.  

I know you will enjoy this interactive message.


LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: “Competency”

“COMPETENCY”… how do you define it… how do you measure it… and how can you prove you have it in a certain area?

COMPETENCY is a vital concern for every business/organization… everywhere.  Having a competent, quality workforce is a mission pursued by many and often a challenge to achieve.

This month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast attempts to offer some professional development thoughts about COMPETENCY and how personal responsibility is a Key.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Bending… But Not Breaking The Rules

So many times I have started a LEARNING MOMENTS message about the Bending… But Not Breaking The Rules topic.  However I have never felt professionally correct or confident on framing the podcast in a way that was appropriately progressive.

Well as you listen to this month’s message your will learn how I got the “push” I needed… and how using a Bending… But Not Breaking The Rules strategy can truly be a positive momentum builder in your workplace.

LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Bending… But Not Breaking The Rules


Inspiring Innovations 
September 2020 

Innovation in any form is always worth talking about. But today… during this time of required separation/distancing/masking… I believe discovering some form of Community Innovation project would be almost therapeutic! 

The goal of this Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast is not to offer Community Innovation concepts. Rather the intent is to help you think through how to make the process more successful.   

Enjoy the MOMENT.  



Inspiring Innovations, Inc. 
August 2020 

In today’s confusing/challenging world-of-work, setting the best priorities is critical.  I believe prioritizing MORALE (the state of a person’s or group’s spirits and confidence) is leadership responsibility #1!  It is important not to assume positive MORALE generation will happen naturally.  No… personal/staff MORALE needs to be recognized, nurtured and progressively built everyday… EVERYDAY!

I hope my suggestions help.


Problem Solving: DON’T LET IT BE EASY!

Problem Solving typically is NOT an easy task. However, taking the easy way out of a challenge or not asking the tough questions during the time of the challenge… is not quality Problem Solving at all!

As leaders I believe we need to hope that INNOVATION can be a standard outcome of every Problem Solving challenge. I hope you enjoy the discussion.

Problem Solving: DON’T LET IT BE EASY!

Empowering Intrapreneurs!


June 2020
Empowering Intrapreneurs!

Empowering is a progressively powerful word. Equally, Intrapreneurs are/can be progressively powerful impactors in and around your world-of-work!  Therefore when you blend these two words and intentions together… you have the opportunity to share a great LEARNING MOMENTS podcast episode.

Empowering Intrapreneurs has been one of my professional priorities during my whole career.  Hopefully, the suggestions I share can help you make it a priority with you.




Inspiring Innovations
May 2020 Podcast

“Brag-Ability”?! Yes, it is a fun, innovative way of stating the importance of having the ability to authentically brag about a special capacity of your business or organization. Another way of explaining Brag-Ability is to truthfully state that you are one of the “Best-In-The-Business” regarding the delivery of a certain product or service.

This months Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast is all about establishing an area of Brag-Ability for your business or organization. A positive, progressive area that colleagues, customers and the general public recognize as “Something You Stand For” … everyday… EVERYDAY!

Enjoy the message.


LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Telling YOUR Career Story


Inspiring Innovations, Inc
April 2020 Podcast
Telling YOUR Career Story

I know I have mentioned it before in my TRIPLE III TIME blogs and sometimes for sure in these LEARNING MOMENTS podcasts.  But this month I felt it is timely to explain the professional and personal value of Telling YOUR Career Story!

Unfortunately, I don’t believe people understand the powerful impact one can have on others by simply sharing their lifetime experiences.  The wins… loses… goods and bads are all quality LEARNING MOMENTS.  When you think about cool people you know and wonder about their career journey… remember how important Telling YOUR Career Story to family, friends, co-workers and colleagues might be!


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