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Partnerships…PURE PARTNERSHIPS are often the key to high value, long-term personal and professional relationships. Continually enhancing current and developing new partnerships is just the right thing to do! Hopefully, this PURE PARTNERSHIPS LEARNING MOMENTS podcast offers a few helpful hints along this path.



Learning Moments Podcast: ADULT Job Shadowing


Today jobs are so different.  When you see a job title…you get a basic idea of the job and what is involved with the position.  But reality lets you know very quickly that there is always much more behind every job title.

So, for this month’s LEARNING MOMENTS podcast, I would like you to think about the enormous value of ADULT Job Shadowing!  I will try to explain why job shadowing isn’t just for young people anymore and how it can help meet the “behind the job title” challenges!

I hope you enjoy the discussion.


Learning Moments Podcast: Creating an Entrepreneurial Spirit


Creating an entrepreneurial spirit in yourself and in your workplace is a challenge for everyone.  This month’s Inspiring Innovations – LEARNING MOMENTS podcast tries to get to the core of how, what, when, where and why an entrepreneurial spirit can become real.  Take a close listen and tell me what you think.


Learning Moments Podcast: 10 Wishes for Innovation

learning-moments-podcast-logoInnovation is and will always be one of my favorite topics.  So as I thought about the holidays and a special LEARNING MOMENTS message for this month…I decided to offer my “10 Wishes for Innovation!”  This podcast lasts a little longer but I know it will be worth the extra listening time.  Thanks for listening.



learning-moments-podcast-logoThis month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast topic title offers a fun play on words: PIT-STOP LEADERSHIP.  However the importance of obtaining, absorbing and appreciating extra leadership help is a serious matter for individual leaders and strong organizations.

I hope you enjoy the moments.

Learning Moments: Professional Energy


“Professional Energy” is not a topic discussed as a continuous improvement option very often.  This month’s LEARNING MOMENT gives you five categories of Professional Energy to discuss, debate and share.  Have fun determining your greatest Professional Energy Strength!


Learning Moments Podcast: INFUSED LEADERSHIP


Leadership is an important topic in every organization…everyday!  One unique feature I have come to successfully practice is INFUSED LEADERSHIP.  So listen closely to this month’s LEARNING MOMENT and I hope you too can find a way to make INFUSED LEADERSHIP work for you.



LEARNING MOMENTS PODCAST: “Change Versus Authenticity”

learning-moments-podcast-logoSometimes as we journey down the personal and professional development path…we become challenged with the need to support positive change AND being true to ourselves…authentic.  I hope you enjoy this Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast as we try to find that “middle-ground” between: CHANGE versus AUTHENTICITY.


Learning Moments Podcast: CUSTOMER SERVICE SECRETS


Customer Service is and will always be a key leadership responsibility.  So this month’s LEARNING MOMENTS podcast topic: CUSTOMER SERVICE SECRETS was easy to talk about…but tough to limit to my five (5) minutes of “studio-time”!  Maybe we will revisit customer service as a LEARNING MOMENTS podcast topic in the near future.



Sometimes we don’t realize or think about the reality that we are an example to someone everyday no matter where we are or what we do.  I hope you enjoy listening to a few EXAMPLE SETTING ideas in this months Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast!

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