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LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Leading by Convenience


Leadership has again taken center stage in this month’s LEARNING MOMENTS podcast. Leading by Convenience is a leadership style that is best described as: JUST OK! As you listen you will get a brief Leading by Convenience definition… but more importantly, you will also hear several examples that will better explain our need to address this topic.

I hope you enjoy this LEARNING MOMENTS message. Please share it with colleagues if you think it could help them too.




LEARNING MOMENTS: “Working ONLY for the Test?”


“Working ONLY for the Test?” OK… I must admit this is a very confusing title for our first 2020 LEARNING MOMENTS podcast. However, if you apply this phrase to the same concerns that are raised when you hear the statement: Teachers Only Teach to the Test… you begin to understand the point I am trying to make. Think about it. While at your day job… do we only focus on specific performance numbers or do we give workers appropriate time, space and support for creativity, individual ideas, and/or innovation?  As always, our limited LEARNING MOMENTS time doesn’t allow us to address all the issues circling around this topic.  But I hope you are motivated by this podcast message to give yourself and those that work with you some “dreaming-time”!





LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: “Forms” of Innovation


Did you ever think about innovation projects and try to put them into special categories… just to make them easier to replicate? Well in this month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast, I describe four “Forms” of Innovation:


My goal is to help everyone better organize their creative concepts and enhance focus and action.

However, the greatest segments of this podcast lie in the sharing of real-time innovation examples from my employment development workplace past. I hope you enjoy the message.


Learning Moments Podcast: GROOMING Staff for What Next!


Investing development time in your staff will ALWAYS give leaders a solid return-on-investment! So, this month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast focuses on the importance of GROOMING Staff for What Next!  It will help each individual staff, your organization/business as a whole and especially you as the leader in making tough decisions about the future.

I hope you enjoy this LEARNING MOMENT.

Learning Moments Podcast: TOP 10 Professional Hiding Spots


One of my career-long challenges has been to remove Professional Hiding Spots.  Call them excuses for not taking the initiative… reasons for avoiding personal responsibility… or issues that limit someone in a professional role from being an effective, example-setting leader.

This month I hope you enjoy my discussion of my TOP 10 Professional Hiding Spots. Chances are you will recognize most of them… hopefully from observation and not personal practice!

Let me know your thoughts.



LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: “Job Comfort”


“Job Comfort” … these two words are rarely put together… but for this month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast they are a perfect fit.  I believe being comfortable in your job is critical and often builds extra productivity!  However, becoming too comfortable and taking job expectations and responsibilities for granted… goes against everything you promised when you applied for and were given the job.  Also, employers need to strategically encourage job creativity to curb the negative side of “Job Comfort”.

I hope you enjoy the message.



LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Emerging Leaders


This months Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENT focuses on the “new-age” skill needs of future Emerging Leaders.  As you listen you will realize that I don’t believe there are a brand-new set of leadership learnings for the 21st century.  Instead, it is just necessary to appropriately evolve familiar skill areas to keep ahead of today’s more quickened operational and developmental business pace.  Please listen closely to this month’s LEARNING MOMENT.


LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast: Telling Your Career Story


If someone asked you to offer a “talk” about YOU…where you grew up…your time in school…the job decisions you considered…the mistakes…the achievements…the special times…could you do it?  This month’s Inspiring Innovations LEARNING MOMENTS podcast explains and encourages why Telling Your Career Story…is priceless.  Listen closely and I know you will agree.




Learning Moments Podcast: “If I Ever Get the Chance…”


This month’s LEARNING MOMENTS podcast is a fun message about possibly keeping those promises you suggest every time you say: “If I Ever Get The Chance…”

Just to help I offer a few ideas of my own based on real-life experiences.  Be sure to listen closely and maybe even listen a couple times to gather in the special thoughts.




Partnerships…PURE PARTNERSHIPS are often the key to high value, long-term personal and professional relationships. Continually enhancing current and developing new partnerships is just the right thing to do! Hopefully, this PURE PARTNERSHIPS LEARNING MOMENTS podcast offers a few helpful hints along this path.



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