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Learning Moments Podcast: “Forever Positioning”

Continuous improvement takes several shapes, sizes, words and actions. Listen closely to this months LEARNING MOMENTS podcast and consider how Forever Positioning yourself as a professional can help.


Learning Moments Podcast: “No One Wins a War of Words!”

Learning Moments Podcast: “No One Wins a War of Words!”

The single point of this month’s LEARNING MOMENTS Podcast is totally contained in the title: “No One Wines a Ware of Words!”  Take five minutes to listen and maybe come away with a couple ideas to at least find some progressive positives in the War!



Learning Moments Podcast “Who Are You From Home?”


You never know when an old concept or words from days long past will show up and help you make your monthly podcast message even more special!  Listen closely.


Learning Moments Podcast: “IDEA Generation”


Too often there are few structured initiatives totally dedicated to the purpose of IDEA Generation.  Hopefully this first podcast of 2018 will provide a unique “Starting Line”!



Learning Moments: Making Service Special


Is there a difference between Customer Service and Service to a Customer? This month’s Learning Moments podcast discussion takes a curious look, but mostly stresses the importance of making your service SPECIAL everyday…EVERYDAY!

Listen carefully!



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