TRIPLE III TIME: Please Pass the WORD!

The “zone” of communication has taken many new and different turns in lieu of the multiple unique challenges we all have been facing.  So too in the area of marketing.  Trying to mold and deliver the most appropriate and effective product/service information… I believe… has become a much greater and ever confusing assignment.

Think about it?!

Think of all the dollars that are spent on radio promos, video spots, newspaper ads, billboards… and the list goes on. Are people really looking, reading, and absorbing the message you want? Are people becoming “screen-time adverse” and somewhat reluctant to embrace any form of media due to the constant… always bad news phenomenon?

Well this TRIPLE III TIME message is about the “We Are All in This Together” thought process.  And if we extend this process and picture everyone sitting around the dinner table… it is now time to politely and regularly as everyone to: “Please Pass the WORD!”

Please Pass The Word ImageWhat do I mean? I mean that today more than ever before it is everyone’s responsibility to promote, explain, identify and be a testimonial to good products and services in your area, region, and State! Be the first one to offer positive experience information, details about service quality, professional manner, and cool customer service. Also, when someone asks you to “Please Pass the WORD!” for a business or agency… don’t be wordy. No… just be simple, clear, and timely in your delivery.

The best promotional/advertising campaign is still found in person-to-person sharing. So, as you sit at the “I’m a supportive citizen table” today… everyday… make sure you loudly ask/say: “Please Pass the WORD!!”

About Inspiring Innovations, Inc.

Marv Pichla is currently the owner and Creative Advisor for his own small business, Inspiring Innovations, Inc. Sharing his unique experience with entrepreneurship and innovation in public service, Marv consults with public and private business, education, and community organizations to develop new and different problem solving methods through real-life example-based learning. Prior to starting-up Inspiring Innovations, Inc. Marv served as Executive Director for Thumb Area Michigan Works! As Executive Director, Marv used public sector innovation as his guide for the organizations regional career development, employment service, education and strategic planning initiatives. Finally, Marv was raised on a farm in the Thumb Area of Michigan where he claims he received the education principles he values most. However, he obtained his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Center Michigan University in Public Administration and eventually his Ph.D. from Capella University in Minnesota. Marv can be reached at:

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