TRIPLE III TIME: Decision-Making (Points To Ponder)

question-mark-2110767_960_720If you look up the definition of “decision”, my trusty Webster’s Dictionary in partnership with my Roget’s II Thesaurus brings you results like: 1) The report of a conclusion, 2) The art or process of deciding and words like: Determination, Resolution, Firmness and Definite.  So as we apply this weeks TRIPLE III TIME message topic: Decision-Making…do the dictionary definitions and thesaurus words sound like you? Does your Decision-Making style mirror the word description expectations? Simply put: Are you good at quality Decision-Making?

Quality Decision-Making is a principle element of being a great leader.  People respond, respect, trust, and support someone who is able to effectively/efficiently arrive at a good decision for action.  Well, maybe it’s a good time to look in the mirror and ask yourself: Am I a good decision-maker?  Have I ever taken the time to ask myself this question?  And to better help you find an answer, consider these Decision-Making quiz questions first:

  • Do you enjoy being assigned a Decision-Making role?
  • Do you whine because “I” never get to be right on an issue? (But do you also understand it may be because you avoid the responsibility of deciding on an issue!)
  • Do you have a method/process/system/style for Decision-Making that people can count on?
  • Do you have the confidence to be an effective decision-maker or do you prefer/need a co-decider?
  • Do you apply a sense of urgency to the Decision-Making process or do you feel relieved when you can delay the outcome?

Back in my Director-days, everyone that worked with me understood that you were always empowered to make a decision everyday…EVERYDAY.  Making no decision…non-action was NOT acceptable.  Further it was my policy that no matter what there could always be a better decision on any issue…but no decision usually only made the situation worse!

I think if you answered all of the quiz questions honestly…everyone could improve their Decision-Making capacities.  So are you ready…or still deciding?

About Inspiring Innovations, Inc.

Marv Pichla is currently the owner and Creative Advisor for his own small business, Inspiring Innovations, Inc. Sharing his unique experience with entrepreneurship and innovation in public service, Marv consults with public and private business, education, and community organizations to develop new and different problem solving methods through real-life example-based learning. Prior to starting-up Inspiring Innovations, Inc. Marv served as Executive Director for Thumb Area Michigan Works! As Executive Director, Marv used public sector innovation as his guide for the organizations regional career development, employment service, education and strategic planning initiatives. Finally, Marv was raised on a farm in the Thumb Area of Michigan where he claims he received the education principles he values most. However, he obtained his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Center Michigan University in Public Administration and eventually his Ph.D. from Capella University in Minnesota. Marv can be reached at:

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