TRIPLE III TIME: “Creative Participation”

Picture1This week I began teaching my latest class in American Government & Politics.  And although the first session is mostly focused on sharing information about who we are as professionals, students and what specifically we hope to gain from this course…there is also an “establishing of ground rules component.”  By ground rules I mean that:

  • There will be NO HIDING places from questions/answers/discussions
  • Everyone’s OPINION does matter
  • We can CHANGE course topic discussion anytime
  • DISAGREEMENT is an expected standard
  • Quality LISTENING will be measured
  • Everyone must TAKE A POSITION on something…and defend it
  • Learning PRIORITIES will be set for every class
  • Students must explain why they INVESTED in this course…and specifically what they hope to LEARN

The goal of the ground rules is to foster Creative Participation. The opportunity to exchange viewpoints, address a non-traditional topic, argue professionally and truly realize and understand that new ideas/innovations come from these forms of discussion.

Are you challenged via a Creative Participation opportunity?


About Inspiring Innovations, Inc.

Marv Pichla is currently the owner and Creative Advisor for his own small business, Inspiring Innovations, Inc. Sharing his unique experience with entrepreneurship and innovation in public service, Marv consults with public and private business, education, and community organizations to develop new and different problem solving methods through real-life example-based learning. Prior to starting-up Inspiring Innovations, Inc. Marv served as Executive Director for Thumb Area Michigan Works! As Executive Director, Marv used public sector innovation as his guide for the organizations regional career development, employment service, education and strategic planning initiatives. Finally, Marv was raised on a farm in the Thumb Area of Michigan where he claims he received the education principles he values most. However, he obtained his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Center Michigan University in Public Administration and eventually his Ph.D. from Capella University in Minnesota. Marv can be reached at:

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