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TRIPLE III TIME: USA Legislative Priority Registry

TRIPLE III TIME: USA Legislative Priority Registry

I have never really said it before, but I do not/will not ever take for granted my quarterly opportunity to write an article for the American Society for Public Administration PA Times publication.  With this opportunity, I share innovative concepts that I believe will help the field of public sector administration and all who work in this field.

This quarter I discuss the creation of a USA Legislative Priority Registry.  Yes, I know the title sounds a little awkward, but I believe the principles of this initiative are ideal for our national public sector future.

PA Times: USA Legislative Priority Registry

TRIPLE III TIME: 1955 – 2017

IMG_8566The Christmas/holiday season often causes people to spend extra time reminiscing of times gone by.  It really doesn’t matter how old you are…we all think back about special people, special times, special gifts and special events.  The result is that we attempt to remake our “today” more like our yesterdays.

Well this final 2017 TRIPLE III TIME message is not intended to lessen the value of those memories…but to encourage you to consider the following TOP 10 thoughts as incentive to keep a FUTURE FOCUS!

  1. When you are at a family gathering instead of asking “How is it going?” …ask “What’s your game plan for 2018?”
  2. As you are traveling locally or for a greater distance…stop at a “home-town store” …just to see what’s out there.
  3. As you think about years past…try to pick “Just 1 Thing” to carry forward and customize it as a new memory.
  4. Be the leader that preaches making new special traditions that will be memory-making.
  5. Quietly understand that your opportunity to grow older and gather “futurisms” …is a privilege.
  6. Don’t spend much time wishing things were like the past…TIME can never be retrieved.
  7. Focus on appreciating all the gifts you received and family/friends you connected with…and NOT all the stuff you wish or should have done.
  8. Pick one person from your past that is your hero…and make a plan to make them HOLIDAY PROUD of your FUTURE FOCUS.
  9. Memories can make you smile and feel warm inside…but can’t make your tomorrows FUN…so??!!
  10. Finally, begin keeping a MONTHLY MEMORY LOG. No, don’t keep a diary…rather at the end of each month identify one cool thing that will be worth “Memory-Reminiscing” at Christmas time 2018.

Thank you all for staying my blog friends this past year…and get ready for 2018!

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