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Over the years our TRIPLE III TIME messages have mentioned and discussed the importance and long term value of mentors and life advisors.  I believe we should all have at least a couple individuals that are regularly available and professionally comfortable to reach out to…no matter the issue.

two men talkingMr. L & Dr. B have been my 40 year (plus) mentors and life advisors.  They always provide common idea-sharing support and wisdom…but at any given moment have the capacities to specialize in a professional or personal area of concern.  As a result they both have contributed in different ways to my innovative style and professional approach with useful information and “furture-ish” guidance.

But there’s the III question:  When do YOU fill that special mentor/advisor role for someone?  Let me offer an example.

Recently a friend and colleague called just to share concerns about a tough education related issue.  We talked for some time but unfortunately I was not able to offer him a real solid solution for his problem.  However, the conversation ended with this statement:  “I know we didn’t find a good answer to my issue but just hearing your quiet, listening voice has helped me a lot.”

The moral of this TRIPLE III TIME message is to always…ALWAYS give someone the best information, help and support you can.  The example I mentioned caused me to reflect on others who have looked to me for mentoring and life advice…and I found it happens much more often that I realized.  Maybe its my age and graying hair…but it is a special honor just to be consulted.  So because you will not instantly recognize your “mentoring-moments”…be genuine and positively thoughtful every time.

Thanks again Mr. L & Dr. B.

TRIPLE III TIME: Public Sector Continuous Improvement… Now or Later?

This weeks TRIPLE III TIME message is my quarterly American Society for Public Administration PA Times article entitled: Public Sector Continuous Improvement… Now or Later? As you can guess, in the article I try to encourage a greater focus on employing a standard of continuous improvement processes to develop quality and efficiency in the public/private non-profit service sectors.

Hopefully everyone reading this article will agree that NOW is the best time to move into a “zone” of public sector product/service continuous improvement. What a great common theme to rally around!

Public Sector Continuous Improvement… Now or Later?


In the world of consulting, you sometimes get requests for help that are a little bit “off the beaten path”!  Maybe a special research assignment on a past president or designing a new/alternative learning opportunity for a challenged group.  But a most recent opportunity that was proposed/suggested really has challenged my innovation foundation.  A special small professional group has requested my help to answer the question:  What is YOUR Niche?…for each of the individuals on the Team and then for the Team itself!

Well after I weakly said “sure I will help”, I did what any good researcher would do:  I GOOGLED the term Niche to find the most direct definition.  The results of my GOOGLE question offered the following:  “Niche-A comfortable or suitable position in life or employment/a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.”

Well the definition started me in a good direction but I realized I need to ask the Team a number of simple but very important questions:
Whats My Niche

  • Why is knowing your Niche important?
  • How will knowing your Niche help improve your organization?
  • Who really cares about your Niche?
  • Does everybody really have a Niche?

Thankfully, our workshop will occur in the near future…but for today I believe there is an important hidden TRIPLE III TIME message in this Niche project.  Think about answering the four Niche questions about yourself.  If you have a real good picture/idea of your Niche…wouldn’t it naturally help in life and at work?  I probably didn’t even realize the times early in my career when I tried to identify co-workers Niches and then blend them together for great product/service results.  Likewise, by realizing my Niche and the organizations I work with/for…I know have created high value partnerships that have excelled beyond my/our expectations.

I look forward to helping the group answer the question:  What is YOUR Niche?  And maybe you take some quality time and find yours!

TRIPLE III TIME: 2025 Public Administration Retreat Agenda

Retreat-Agenda_M.PichlaOne of my promises to the American Society For Pubic Administration (ASPA) publication group was that INNOVATION would always be my principle area of focus for my quarterly article. Well as you read the 2025 Public Administration Retreat Agenda piece, I hope you are able to place yourself in a public sector leadership role and maybe dream a little bit about priority topics and related potential discussion.

Progressively dreaming forward into the year 2025 should NOT be a “stretch” … rather just a natural step forward.  So don’t simply read the article… participate in it.

2025 Public Administration Retreat Agenda

TRIPLE III TIME: USA Legislative Priority Registry

TRIPLE III TIME: USA Legislative Priority Registry

I have never really said it before, but I do not/will not ever take for granted my quarterly opportunity to write an article for the American Society for Public Administration PA Times publication.  With this opportunity, I share innovative concepts that I believe will help the field of public sector administration and all who work in this field.

This quarter I discuss the creation of a USA Legislative Priority Registry.  Yes, I know the title sounds a little awkward, but I believe the principles of this initiative are ideal for our national public sector future.

PA Times: USA Legislative Priority Registry

TRIPLE III TIME: 1955 – 2017

IMG_8566The Christmas/holiday season often causes people to spend extra time reminiscing of times gone by.  It really doesn’t matter how old you are…we all think back about special people, special times, special gifts and special events.  The result is that we attempt to remake our “today” more like our yesterdays.

Well this final 2017 TRIPLE III TIME message is not intended to lessen the value of those memories…but to encourage you to consider the following TOP 10 thoughts as incentive to keep a FUTURE FOCUS!

  1. When you are at a family gathering instead of asking “How is it going?” …ask “What’s your game plan for 2018?”
  2. As you are traveling locally or for a greater distance…stop at a “home-town store” …just to see what’s out there.
  3. As you think about years past…try to pick “Just 1 Thing” to carry forward and customize it as a new memory.
  4. Be the leader that preaches making new special traditions that will be memory-making.
  5. Quietly understand that your opportunity to grow older and gather “futurisms” …is a privilege.
  6. Don’t spend much time wishing things were like the past…TIME can never be retrieved.
  7. Focus on appreciating all the gifts you received and family/friends you connected with…and NOT all the stuff you wish or should have done.
  8. Pick one person from your past that is your hero…and make a plan to make them HOLIDAY PROUD of your FUTURE FOCUS.
  9. Memories can make you smile and feel warm inside…but can’t make your tomorrows FUN…so??!!
  10. Finally, begin keeping a MONTHLY MEMORY LOG. No, don’t keep a diary…rather at the end of each month identify one cool thing that will be worth “Memory-Reminiscing” at Christmas time 2018.

Thank you all for staying my blog friends this past year…and get ready for 2018!

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