TRIPLE III TIME: Balancing Personal/Professional “Inputs & Outputs”

Sometimes as I consider topics for the weekly TRIPLE III TIME blog message… I try to look more specifically into one of the foundation Inspiring Innovation, Inc. principles: LEADERSHIP/COMMUNICATION/INNOVATION/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.  This week however the Balancing Personal/Professional “Inputs & Outputs” is truly one of those topics that fall under that SPECIAL category… because it affects all four principles! So how should we start the balancing act?

First, I think everyone should conduct a Personal/Professional Information Inputs Assessment at least once every 90 days.  As part of the Assessment, list (in detail) the different Input sources that you allow to enter into your “space”!  The list will be extensive. Personal conversations, social media, telephone calls, radio, magazines, television, mail, and the list goes on.  Then think about the “relationship” you have with each of these sources. It is family, professional colleagues, general news pieces, training opportunities, sales efforts, and/or political ads? Really consider the purpose, value, frequency, and quality of the Inputs.

Then conduct a similar Assessment on your Personal/Professional Information Outputs. What do you say, email, design, promote, or publish?  Are you selective in your information sharing Output practices… or wide open? Are most of your Output messages critical or complimentary?  Do they contain solid data/facts/instructions… or are they ramblings of what is, could be, should be, or confusion? How often do politics impact your Outputs?

As you can see the Assessments I suggest are not easy… nor do they provide a perfect suggestion for Balancing Personal/Professional “Inputs & Outputs”. Instead, this TRIPLE III TIME message is a simple reminder that if you want to improve your LEADERSHIP/COMMUNICATION/INNOVATION/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Skills… you need to strategically balance the sources and content of information that you receive every day and then be open, honest and balanced in your information sharing interactions with others. Just like quality and authenticity… BALANCE MATTERS!




About Inspiring Innovations, Inc.

Marv Pichla is currently the owner and Creative Advisor for his own small business, Inspiring Innovations, Inc. Sharing his unique experience with entrepreneurship and innovation in public service, Marv consults with public and private business, education, and community organizations to develop new and different problem solving methods through real-life example-based learning. Prior to starting-up Inspiring Innovations, Inc. Marv served as Executive Director for Thumb Area Michigan Works! As Executive Director, Marv used public sector innovation as his guide for the organizations regional career development, employment service, education and strategic planning initiatives. Finally, Marv was raised on a farm in the Thumb Area of Michigan where he claims he received the education principles he values most. However, he obtained his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Center Michigan University in Public Administration and eventually his Ph.D. from Capella University in Minnesota. Marv can be reached at:

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