TRIPLE III TIME: The Mystery of Asking Questions

Questions 2How many times have you sat in a business setting, a training session and/or a one-on-one strategy meeting, and the statement: “Do you/anyone have any questions?” is put on the table? And unfortunately, how often is the result just a HUGE zone-of-silence in the room?!  Well I can tell you there have been a ton of times I have and continue to experience this long-standing phenomenon. And I will admit I have been on both sides of the table when the silence occurs. So yes, I am not innocent from contributing to the silence!

The Mystery of Asking Questions is therefore an appropriate TRIPLE III TIME topic. Also, in light of the numerous situations that challenge professionals every day with the zone-of-silence, we need to at least prescribe a special TOP 10 to address this mystery area.

Think about these:

  1. Every question NOT asked… is an opportunity lost.
  2. Simplicity matters and is appreciated when asking questions
  3. Believing “I will ask the question the next time we meet” … is hoping that history will repeat itself.
  4. Great leaders are great question askers too.
  5. Being the FIRST to ask a question has a positive recall impact on those in attendance.
  6. Often only by asking questions can a thought, idea, innovation, dream proceed.
  7. What progressive learning occurs during a zone-of-silence period?
  8. Questions can serve as the means for: “Making That First Good Impression!”
  9. People have yet to perfect “mind-reading” … so in the interim ASK QUESTIONS.
  10. Finally, set the example… ask the question… and help your co-workers, friends, family… you get it!

I am sure there are many more than 10 points that could help solve The Mystery of Asking Questions! Share them when and wherever you can.

About Inspiring Innovations, Inc.

Marv Pichla is currently the owner and Creative Advisor for his own small business, Inspiring Innovations, Inc. Sharing his unique experience with entrepreneurship and innovation in public service, Marv consults with public and private business, education, and community organizations to develop new and different problem solving methods through real-life example-based learning. Prior to starting-up Inspiring Innovations, Inc. Marv served as Executive Director for Thumb Area Michigan Works! As Executive Director, Marv used public sector innovation as his guide for the organizations regional career development, employment service, education and strategic planning initiatives. Finally, Marv was raised on a farm in the Thumb Area of Michigan where he claims he received the education principles he values most. However, he obtained his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Center Michigan University in Public Administration and eventually his Ph.D. from Capella University in Minnesota. Marv can be reached at:

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