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TRIPLE III TIME: “Try One More Thing!”

One phrase I never like to hear during my consulting opportunities is:  “Well I have tried and done everything to improve/fix/advance in this area …so I don’t know what else is left?”  I know you have all heard it and I would guess that you too have uttered these words some time in your life/work history!  But as you can guess my corrective action approach is and has always been to go through an often-extensive list of alternative possibilities…and not surprisingly there are maybe one or two actions that were untested.

Given these experiences I thought it may be helpful to use a TOP 10 list of lets “Try One More Thing!” fun concepts for this week’s TRIPLE III TIME message.

  1. Go Back To Go Forward:  Got back in time and find the origins of the challenge   issue.  History may help you see the future.

2. Phone A Friend:  Colleagues…a new set of eyes will always add insight to the      issue.

3. Draft An Idea Paper:  Sometimes just writing down details about a challenge and             seeing past ideas in writing…sprouts a new one.

4. GOOGLE IT:  In today’s high-tech world…sometimes the problems can be just a click away.

5. Break IT Into Smaller Pieces:  Addressing pieces of an issue often assists in         identifying brand new opportunities.

6. Assemble A Game-It Group:  Break the “I’ve tried everything” mind block and        assemble a small group and address the issue in an idea-generation game         fashion.

7. Attempt A “Visioning” Exercise:  In a creative way try drawing a picture/diagram    of a possible solution.

8. News Reporter Interview Technique:  If a reporter from the New York Times was             interviewing you about solutions…would your “innovative-spirit” fire up?

9. Go To An Inspirational Spot:  Location-Location-Location…may be an asset in      finding a new option.

10. What Would_________Do?:  Think of a LEADER you admire most…and ask        yourself What Would _________Do?

Bottomline:  So in the future before you shout “I’ve tried everything!”…check out this TOP 10 and “Try One More Thing!”


The year is now 2021.  What are you going to do to kick off the new year in an extra special direction?   No… this is not a New Years Resolution TRIPLE III TIME message.  Rather it is a professional suggestion to begin 2021 with a unique analysis to identify YOUR Source of ENERGY… progressive… positive… innovative ENERGY that will serve as a guide going forward.

I will bet that you have never really completed an analysis of your sources of ENERGY before.  But right now, think hard… are your sources:

And don’t take the easy way out when completing your analysis and say, “All of Them!” While that may be true based on specific circumstances… I believe everyone has a select ENERGY “WELL” that they go back to for help.

  • Family
  • Customers
  • Networking
  • New Projects
  • Students
  • Colleagues
  • Mentors/Advisors
  • What? Who?

Why is completing this YOUR Source of ENERGY analysis so vital right now? Because too often… especially given the challenges of 2020… people seem to get entrenched in a Zone of Dis-Energy…. and their spirit of potential… future thought… personal and professional entrepreneurship goes/remains dormant.

Bottomline: Make a pledge/promise/commitment right now to maximize connectivity with YOUR Source of ENERGY!  Daily let the progressive sources of energy surround you.  YOU have the power to do this.  Build on current solid sources of energy and weekly seek out one or two more.  Don’t allow negative sources of dis-energy “control-the-flow”.  Remember this process begins with a quality analysis of YOUR Source of ENERGY. Don’t short-change this fun “input” activity… it will lessen the new ENERGY output.

TRIPLE III TIME: Professional Reflection

This week I have the semester ending opportunity to assess and score the results of students taking their Final Exam in my American Government & Politics class.   As you can guess my exams are a little non-traditional… but a whole lot about “What do YOU think?”.  The exam consists of a variety of essay questions and each student has a choice of the required number of questions they must answer.  But the question that is most fun and interesting are the answers that come from the last question:

“Ten (10) years from now… what job will you have and what part of this American Government & Politics course impacted you the most and why?”

Right now, I bet you are asking yourself… where is the Inspiring Innovations TRIPLE III TIME message in all this verbiage?

Well, just like students in my class answering that last Final Exam question, reflection… Professional Reflection is the special “test” assignment for this weeks message.  What if you were asked:

“Given all of the challenges you faced during calendar year 2020, what action or occurrence professionally impacted you the most and why?”

I am sure the COVID issues would strongly influence your response to this question… but what about you and your world of work?  Consider:

  • Are you more tech-savvy?
  • Can you really do your job without personal contact?
  • Have new business products/services been created in your profession?
  • What skill-set areas have you “stretched” and which ones have contracted?
  • What type of motivational speech could you give to co-workers… today?
  • Are you happy because you didn’t have to change at all?
  • Did you feel like you wanted to find a new job?
  • Is there a training area you wished you had?
  • What professional resources or people did you look to for guidance?
  • If you knew then what you know now, would you do anything different?

Professional Reflection is an exercise that really should have no specific timetable. Therefore asking yourself pertinent growth questions is something that all professionals need to ask in some way or form… just to observe/determine personal movement.

So how would YOU answer this Final Exam question??

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